This is a place where I put all my tech stuff like Linux how-to’s and tips, latest information technology news, hardware reviews, links to other Filipino tech sites and communities, even random stuff as long as it is about Linux or Information Technology.

PinoyTux.com aims to support and promote Free and Open Source Software in the Philippines.

What is Pinoy?

Filipinos are the citizens of the Philippines, located in Southeast Asia. Colloquially, Filipinos may refer to themselves as Pinoy which is formed by taking the last four letters of Pilipino and adding the diminutive suffix -y. The word was coined by expatriate Filipino Americans during the 1920s and was later adopted by Filipinos in the Philippines.

What is Tux?

Tux (also known as Tux the Penguin) is the official mascot of the Linux kernel. He is represented as an average penguin sitting on the ground with his flippers up.

Some trivia about PinoyTux.com:

  • Made from scratch, this blog is hosted by 1and1.com and powered by WordPress.
  • It took one month to find a suitable free webhosting for PinoyTux.com without ad banners.
  • PinoyTux.com web design and logo is still pending.

The Webmaster:

Maintained by Rai Ricafrente, a Linux System Administrator by profession. Born sometime in the waning period of the martial law, a middle child, has two brothers, a father and a mother. Studied in a Catholic school from elementary to high school, and graduated from college with a degree of B.S. Computer Engineering.

Some trivia about the Webmaster:

  • She is NOT a professional web developer
  • Loves playing computer games
  • Promotes humane treatment to animals

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