PinoyTux is Back

After several months of hiatus, I decided to start the year by making PinoyTux active again. There is too much going on with my personal life so blogging became part of my unimportant list. But just like a phoenix, PinoyTux is reborn from the ashes and prettier than ever.

The last theme I used did not go along with my blog. The images are stretched out, the header is messy, and the footer contains suspicious outgoing links. I have decided to find new one. The here we are. A few easter eggs were thrown in as well. If you take a look at the header logo, the Tux image changes randomly with every page refresh. It is a little hack I found while searching for fun themes. I also added a link to my Plurk and Twitter accounts at the right panel to make it easier to connect to me.

There is also a craze going on named as Project 365. Originally, Project 365 is meant for photos, just like a photographic journal, and Photojojo writes about it and gives a few tips on how to survive.

The idea of Project 365 became familiar to me when I watched the movie “Julie and Julia”, where Julia (played by Amy Adams) blogs about her experiences as she tries all recipes in Julia Child’s (played by Meryll Streep) book of French cooking. I thought that it was a splendid idea to write about something that has a goal, something that is achievable.

For Pinoytux, photos are not really the subject matter, but I have decided to put a mini-365 Project of Linux tips and hacks. One tip a day, and it will have its own category so I can track my progress. There will be separate posts for other stuffs so expect my blog to be alive and kicking again.

With my new job, I know that I am going to be very busy, but I hope I can take one moment each day to write at least one tip for my readers. If I can make it in December, it will be huge success for me.