Backspace Key Not Working in PuTTY

If you access your Linux machines from a Windows workstations by SSH, most probably you are using PuTTY. My new job requires me to work with SUSE Enterprise servers and to my surprise, the VIM on SLES is somewhat different from that of RHEL.

One example is the backspace key. It just won’t work in PuTTY connecting to SUSE server. I have to put the cursor before the character I want to delete and press the DELETE key. If you have this issue with PuTTY/SUSE too, this tip might help you.

Go to your PuTTY configuration -> Terminal -> Keyboard

Look for Change Sequences Sent By -> The Backspace Key

From there, select Control-H. Save your session and try it.

This one worked for me, hope this works for you too.