Zink Technology: Printing Without the Ink

Although Polaroid Corporation, the ingenius company behind instant film photography, decides to stop the manufacturing of its film products, it has not stopped them from thinking out of the box and producing yet another form of technology.

What I am talking about is the Zink Technology, powering Polaroid’s latest line of instant mobile printers called Polaroid PoGo. PoGo utilizes Zero Ink Printing Technology, or Zink for short, making printers ultra-portable, cable-free and environment friendly.

Zink is closely related to the Polaroid film cameras way back in the 1990’s. You shoot, the camera spits out film, wait five minutes and voila! You got yourself a photograph.

With PoGo Mobile Printers, you shoot with your camera or phone, transmit it to PoGo via bluetooth, feed the printer special photo paper and well, you got yourself a nice little photo to cherish.

The power of PoGo lies inside the printer and the paper. Inkless and ultra-thin, the printer does not require ink cartridges or refills, hence environment-friendly. The colors come from within the Zink paper, which get activated when bursts of heat pulses pass on the surface.

In a nutshell, the Polaroid Instant Photo gets resurrected into PoGo. Simple as that.