How to Increase Wi-Fi Signal

Sometimes, Wi-Fi signals are just to weak to be of use from your location, and purchasing an additional signal booster is costly, then you must read this post. A simple piece of cardboard, aluminum foil and glue can be turned into a very cheap and easy to make Wi-Fi signal booster.

The cheap homemade device is called Ez-12 Parabolic Reflector, or Windsurfer, and its really very easy to make and use. How? Watch this video:

Cool, huh?

Anyway, you can download the template here and just follow the instructions.


And here is the Windsurfer in action:


Thanks to Rabby C. for the photo. And if you are wondering if this really works, contact Rabby. His email is available upon request. 😉


Rabby was kind enough to send his own testimonial about the Windsurfer:


“This is a capture of the Windsurfer in action. FYI I am subscribed to SmartBro 384kbps, I went to my room to test if this thing actually works, (take note, my room has barely gets signal at all!) And as you can see from the picture as if I was standing beside the router with that kind of speed! Imagine I just made the small version of the Windsurfer, what more if I make one bigger?! This proves that the Windsurfer actually works! I will be constructing a bigger Windsurfer out of different kinds of materials and I will give feedback as soon as I have tested them. BTW Thank you Rai for posting this article” – Rabby C.

Thanks for the feedback, Rabby!