Solar Powered Mobile Charger

If you keep on running low on your mobile phone battery and even your spare battery is not enough, then maybe it is time to use a device that can charge your mobile phone’s batteries even without plugging it into a electric socket.

solar_chargerSolar-powered celphone charger
Japan’s Strapya World now has a solar-powered mini celphone charger that is light, environment-friendly and portable. This 21.6 inch celphone charger only weighs 40 ounces and can charge batteries of some Japanese celphones like FOMA/SoftBank3G or AU/CDMA phones. The best feature however, is the charger can be carried anywhere, and since it is powered by solar energy, you have available power anywhere you go.

The charger can take from 6 to 10 hours to become fully charged but if plugged in to a socket through an AC adaptor, it will only take 3 hours. It can recharge dead batteries for 15 minutes which can give you 40 minutes of talk time.