Discovery Channel’s Build A House in One Week

I am such a sucker for Discovery Channel shows and I know I can’t get enough knowledge watching TV for an hour. Why an hour? Because it is all the time I can allocate in my super busy life as a sister, girlfriend, night shift system administrator, student driver attending driving school, and a trying hard blogger.

One of the most fascinating and very educational shows I have seen in quite a while is an episode of How Do They Do It? where they showed how houses are built in a week.

The episode showed how the parts of the house like walls, beams and roof are built in advanced in a manufacturing plant where computers do the cutting in a very accurate manner. If my memory serves me right, the accuracy of each cut are down to 1/100 of a millimeter, not very doable with human hands without precision tools.

When the individual parts are already complete, they begin assembling the entire house just by putting the part altogether, like building a house made of Lego. Since each part are precisely cut, they fit into each hole and corner quite easily. But the chief of the assembly team not only need to know which part goes where, he also must need to make sure that each part is fitted securely in place. Just a millimeter of change in the assembly will have a great impact on the structure.

They also make provisions for the electricity, water, heating and other cables that must go inside the walls. After the cables are in place, they then place the interior walls and flooring and voila! Just add furniture and people and you got a house built in no more than a week.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a good free video of the show but there is one in Youtube which is similar to the one shown in Discovery Channel.