Singapore To Build 100Mbps Network

If you think 10Mbps residential line connection is PWNGE, then wait till Singapore completes its 100Mbps national fiber network by year 2015.

Singapore has unveiled its plans for an open access Next Generation National Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) to increase network connectivity by providing end-user speeds of 100Mbps for downlink and 50Mbps for uplink. To the less techie, it basically means less game lag, faster downloading and video streaming.

Expected to be complete by 2015, the Next Gen NBN will be available nationwide but other services such as video teleconferencing will be available as early as 2010. The official website lists the results of pre-qualified companies wishing to participate in Request-for-Proposal (RFP).

The project will be partially government funded costing around $750M. To the end users, they will be required to purchase $525 modem and will be charged $121.80 per month.

Speaking of NBN, the term sounds very familiar. Did someone got the idea from Singapore made a few bucks from it? ;P