Ultimate Linux Cheat Sheets

If you are in dire need of SOS because of that little command that is stuck at the tip of your tongue or you are having a huge case of memory gap, fret not. Here is a quick link to a massive list of Unix/Linux cheat sheets. One link points to http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/linuxcommands.html which profiles a list of Linux commands that are newbie friendly.

List too long for you? You can try the Linux command apropos <keyword>. This command searches the whatis database for strings that matches your keyword. Let’s say you forgot the command to copy a file (uh-oh) so we go like this:

# apropos copy

# cp (1) – copy files and directories
# cp (1p) – copy files

Hey there it is! 😉 So we got cp. You can now use man command to check if cp is really what you are looking for. Google is also a neat tool if internet access is readily available. 😀