Buying a domain? Read on…

I have been browsing around lately for a new domain and it is not surprising to see that all of the “perfect” domain names are already taken. So here are some reminders before you hit that Buy button when shopping for a domain name:

  • Your domain name must be relevant. If you are buying a domain for a business, it is good idea to select a domain that carries the name of the business because people will most likely search for if your business is named Bibingka Store. Or if it is a personal website, a good domain for Juan dela Cruz is
  • Short, sweet and simple. Domain names can be any character, number and can include dashes. Go for domain names that have less letters. For example, can be easily remembered than Mistakes can easily occur if you are trying to dictate the domain because of the confusion between two r’s ( or single r ( Dashes can also cause confusion so if you can avoid dashes, do so.
  • Choose .com if available. The most common extension for domain names is .com which stands for commercial. There other extensions like .org (organization), .net (network) or .biz (business). If you are buying a domain name, select .com extension since people are most acquainted with .com. You may also want to register your domain name with a different extension like,, Remember that a domain name with different extensions are different from one another so you will pay for each single domain.
  • Choose a reliable domain registrar. There are a lot domain registrars there who offer domain registrations for as low as $1.99. Some however, give domain registration for free if you decide to host your site to them.