kamotegirl’s tips on e-haggling

Last week, I upgraded some of computer parts and so, I sold some old items to tipidpc.com. I have encountered some buyers who are nice and easy to talk to and some not so nice. So here is a guide on how to e-haggle if you are buying second-hand items online.

  1. Courtesy is the key. Always remember to be nice to the seller if you are haggling. Try not to be pushy. Just tell the seller that you cannot afford the price but you need the item and ask if meeting halfway is OK. Do not dictate to the seller what the price should be. Remember that you are asking for a favor here. If the seller wants to get rid of the item ASAP, the price will be a giveaway. If the price is steep, you got a lot of competitors out there and the seller is looking for the highest bidder.
  2. Haggling is not done in a courtroom. Do not be smart-ass when haggling. Approach the seller with a friendly attitude rather than a know-it-all jerk.
  3. Ask intelligent questions. The seller may post some information about the item and maybe a link or two so the buyer will have a reference. If your question is already on the post or has already been referenced, then zip it. Do your research. Some sellers will not deal to those who do not read.
  4. Follow instructions. Some sellers have buying rules so read up. If there is a specific meeting time and place, schedule your appointment. Make sure you have the seller’s contact numbers and be sure that both of you will agree on same date and time. Please avoid being late.
  5. Confirm. Do confirm appointments. Contact the seller whether the trading will push through. If there is an emergency, contact the seller at least 2 hours before the appointment.

There are some tips on how to haggle on the internet but these are just my opinions.