Dual-channel vs. Single-channel Memory

Lately, I am constantly being bothered by the POST message my computer shows me that says:

Found 1048576KB Memory Single-Channel Mode

I tinkered around the BIOS settings, checking that I must have left something out that should be set other than the default value, and still that goddamn message still shows up. But I know that it is about the memory (duh!).

So I asked the peeps of TPC about this problem of mine and apparently, there’s nothing wrong with the board or the memory. As they say, PEBKAC. Problem exists between keyboard and chair.

I have found a good read regarding dual-channel and single-channels here.

Quoted from the article:

Dual channel memory doubles the pipelines available to the memory controller. This allows more information to be recalled from the memory faster.

In layman’s term, dual-channel is like a two-way road. One road is going to somewhere, CPU perhaps, and the other one is coming back to the memory. Instead of using one lane to transmit read and write instructions, dual-channel uses two lanes so instructions can go faster.

To achieve dual-channel mode, the motherboard must support dual-channel mode. Then by using two identical sticks of RAM or dual-channel RAM kits, place the sticks where the dual-channel modules should be (refer to your motherboard manual) and voila! Your beloved system is now running in dual-channel mode (or at least it should be).

So there. Mystery solved. I haven’t tried this though because do not have another 1GB stick yet. I should skip lunch for the next two weeks.