My New Baby

I went yesterday to buy my very new LCD monitor, Samsung 940BW. This is my first LCD monitor and it is freaking cool! It’s fairly cheap considering Samsung mass produces their LCD products.


– slender, gorgeous and fabulous (like me 😛 )

– colors are bright and wonderful (I am colorblind btw, lol)

– nice stand and has DVI cable included (Viewsonic VG1930WM doesn’t)

– cheaper compared to Viewsonic


– I got C Panel, which according to some reviews I read are the worst kind of panel (there are S, A and C panels)

– Bought it from PC Options where the sales persons are dumb (and boy, they can’t wait to get rid of their customers)

– This baby got me broke.

I will try to get more pictures of this later, but for now here it is: